Artwork Courtesy of Katherine Nagel

Current Lab Members

 Wendy Gilbert


 wendy.gilbert /at\ yale /d0t\ edu

Erin Borchardt 

Post-doctoral Researcher 

erin.borchardt /at\ yale /d0t\ edu 

 Nicole Martinez

 Post-doctoral Researcher

 nicole.martinez /at\ yale /d0t\ edu

Rachel Niederer 

Post-doctoral Researcher 

rachel.niederer /at\ yale /d0t\ edu 

 Cassandra Schaening-Burgos

 Graduate Student

 axolotl /at\ mit /d0t\ edu

 Austin Draycott

 Graduate Student

 austin.draycott /at\ yale /d0t\ edu



 Cole Lewis

 Graduate Student

 cole.lewis /at\ yale /d0t\ edu

Former Lab Members

Kristen Bartoli 

Post-doctoral Researcher 

kristen.bartoli /at\ gmail /d0t\ com 

 Thomas Carlile

 Post-doctoral Researcher

 tcarlile /at\ mit /d0t\ edu

I'm interested in the regulation and function of mRNA pseudouridylation

Maria Fernanda 

Research Scientist 

mfrd18 /at\ gmail /d0t\ com 

 Mary Kay Thompson

 Graduate Student

 marykayt /at\ mit /d0t\ edu

Characterization of RACK1 function in translational control.

Gina Mawla 

Graduate Student 

gmawla /at\ mit /d0t\ edu 

Gina Mawla

 Julia Wang

 Graduate Student

 yjw1 /at\ mit /d0t\ edu

I study how putative specialization factors that are enriched in ribosomes from glucose-starved S. cerevisiaefunctionally affect translation and adaptation to starvation.

Boris Zinshteyn 

Graduate student 

borisz /at\ mit /d0t\ edu 

I am determining the RNA-binding specificities of a core eukaryotic translation factor, and the role of these sequence preferences in regulating translation.


 Kris Shin

 Undergraduate Student

 shinh /at\ mit /d0t\ edu

Caitlyn Mason

Undergraduate student 

cemason /at\ mit /d0t\ edu 


 Quynh Nguyen

 Undergraduate Student

 qpnguyen /at\ mit /d0t\ edu

Joel Greenwood 

Whiz Kid 

joel.greenwood /at\ yale /d0t\ edu 

Currently Director of Neurotechnology at Yale

 Jacqueline Nkuebe

 Undergraduate Student

 jnnkuebe /at\ gmail /d0t\ com

Krithika Shanmugasundaram 

Undergraduate Student 

krithika.shanmugasundaram /at\ mit /d0t\ edu 

 Jabe Ziino 

 Undergraduate Student 

 jabe /at\ mit /d0t\ edu 

 Ekatarina Zagriadskaia 

 Senior Research Scientist 

 zagriads /at\ mit /d0t\ edu 

 Joshua Arribere 

 Graduate Student 

 arribere /at\ mit /d0t\ edu

Currently a post-doc in Andrew Fire's Lab

 Audra Amasino 

 Graduate Student 

 amasino /at\ mit /d0t\ edu

Currently a grad student in Susan Lindquist's Lab


 Francheska López

 Summer Student 



Pavan Vaidyanathan 

Post-doctoral Researcher 

pavanpv /at\ mit /d0t\ edu